In 1983 we threw our doors open, wide!

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In 1983 we threw our doors open, wide!

(And I’m not talking closet ones).

And started what was then known as The British Council of Shopping Centres. Spring forward some 37 years and our doors have remained fully opened. To literally everyone involved in retail property and placemaking; from architects to landowners to shopping places to marketing agencies and from specialist exterior cleaning companies to multi-national law firms. Teeny-weeny, big, small, mid-size, multi-national. The whole gamut – we welcome everyone.

And through our output represent and celebrate the unique differences of our members.

Undoubtedly, I have a plum job. As head of Customer & Creative I try to look after all of our customers and clients. We avoid using the term members where possible as it’s all about the relationship and people are absolutely at the heart of everything we do. I love this interaction and relish meeting the characters and in truth, the odd oddballs that bring life, energy and a sense of can-do to our community.

Without doubt or bragging, we recognise and support those less fortunate. From highlighting homelessness to create lasting and substantive solutions to the causes of it, to championing accessibility ensuring retail places are accessible to all. From underpinning the crucial role the retail property community plays in bringing diverse communities together to working closely with our members to protect vulnerable people and those at risk of suicide.

I’m proud of our collective approach which we take and importantly the mantra that will be left by Ed Cooke, our outgoing Chief Executive namely: “passionately believing in the power of collective thought demonstrated through engagement and action”. It’s what Revo is all about, after all.

On a slightly lighter note and in celebration of characters, diversity and colour we are holding our second event with Freehold (the LGBTQIA+ association for retail property and placemaking) at the Seven Dials Club, Seven Dials Community Centre, Covent Garden on Wednesday 19 February from 6.30pm. If it isn’t in your diary pop it in now – it’s free for members and we’ve already got 180 guests signed up for it. So it should be a fun, lively relaxed evening with entertainment, drinks and nibbles. And of course, everyone is welcome.

Pursuing the lighter side of life the snaps at the start of this article were from a recent white party I went to in Provence Town (possibly one of the most welcoming places in the world – a fast ferry ride from Boston if the urge takes you). It was a wonderful day full of life, energy, diversity and above all people being themselves and proud of it. Plus, of course the odd Tito’s and tonic.

So here’s to life: bring on the colour. Bring on the characters. Let’s celebrate our differences, relish diversity and the simple plain fact we’re all different but collectively as one we’re a formidable power.

Don’t forget too, our door is open to newbies of course. Well, I would say that wouldn’t I? It’s my job.See you on the 19th if not before!


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