Marketing Committee 2022 predictions

2022 marketing predictions
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Marketing Committee 2022 predictions

The marketing committee met on the 14th of December to discuss their predictions for 2022.  Sustainability was the hottest topic and is something we will explore in more detail in 2022 as it appears to touch every aspect of the marketing mix.

Here are a few insights from the committee predictions for 2022.

Nigel Jobson, Chief Commercial Officer, Maybe*
We can expect more volatility in 2022 as we continue to navigate the challenges Covid and restrictions being thrown at us. As an industry, we will learn to live with Covid as we treat it as a bump in the road and not a block.

Anneka Lowe, Group Marketing & Communications, LCP Group
Shop Local
The Shop Local movement will continue to grow as we see more farmers markets and new small businesses in our communities. The vacant big-box space isn’t going away, so we will see new businesses pop up and evolve, providing more reasons to visit our physical spaces. Digital will continue to grow, so to encourage footfall we must be more targeted.

Alisa Fleischmann, Head of Marketing, Group Nexus
Data will become more central
As we continue to scenario plan for A, B, C etc data will become more central to the understanding of consumer behaviour, confidence and spending. As marketers we must continue to keep abreast, look back, adapt and formulate multiple plans, using data at the core.

Chantal Taylor, Marketing Co-ordinator, Castlegate & Wellington Square Shopping Centres
Community will continue to be key
Continuing into 2022, the focus will remain on community as people will need more help and support. We want to protect our shoppers of the future and are looking at ways to tackle child mental health and depression in our calendar of community campaigns and events.

Gwen Youlden, Head of Destination Marketing & Commercialisation, Cushman & Wakefield
Creativity around budget
As budgets continue to be squeezed or cut, we will see even more creativity required around the budget. We will see changes in the marketing, evaluating channels like OOH and print media. Marketing teams will have to further justify spend and demonstrate return more than ever before.

Chloe Keith, Managing Director, Toolbox Marketing
Where physical meets digital
With a focus on the digital aspects during the pandemic, we expect a strong digital presence in 2022 to help drive the physical. Retail needs to create memorable and purposeful reasons to encourage communities to eat, watch, play and stay. Post-Covid shoppers will have higher expectations for retail and events so we need to focus on providing unforgettable experiences they cannot get online.