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Best Retail Leasing Initiative

Zara – Metrocentre

The new store is over three times larger than the previous one, spanning 42,000 sq ft across two levels. This achievement was the culmination of an eight-year journey involving various configurations and formats, driven by Zara’s vision for a prominent retail presence. Through strategic negotiations, Schuh/Schuh Kids were relocated to a suitable space, allowing the incorporation of the old Zara store and four additional units.

The project involved complex construction phases to ensure Zara could continue trading for as long as possible during the Landlord’s delivery phase. This flagship store is now Zara’s sole representation in the North East of England, creating numerous job opportunities for the local communities of Gateshead and Newcastle and is a state-of-the-art Zara store, showcasing their full range of offerings through a global fitout.

Best Leisure Leasing Initiative

Little Exeter – Guildhall Shopping Centre

Little Exeter is a unique play-based leisure space in the Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter, designed for children aged 0-7. The creation of Little Exeter stemmed from the need to revitalize a neglected first-floor post-lockdown. As an employer paying above the living wage, Little Exeter operates seven days a week, offering morning and afternoon sessions. Affordable entry fees support accessibility for all.

Originally planned as a one-year initiative, the overwhelmingly positive response has led to plans for extension. Activities like free crafting, school holiday discos, and meet-and-mingle sessions have further enriched the space. Profits are reinvested in the community, funding projects like the installation of a buddy bench and a new livestock enclosure. Little Exeter transcends being just a leisure facility; it embodies the dedication of the Guildhall Shopping Centre team to their community’s well-being.

Best Placemaking Initiative

Stanley Square

The “Six Acre Centre” in Sale underwent a remarkable transformation from struggling and disconnected to a thriving community hub. Recognising its potential based on strategic location and demographics, Altered Space embarked on a mission to reposition the space, focusing on repurposing, creating inviting spaces, and extending trading hours.

Key achievements include: reviving community connection, boosting dwell time and footfall, repurposing for sustainability, creating a vibrant evening scene, introducing new uses, fostering independent occupiers and becoming the heart of the community. Over 30 new lettings revitalised Stanley Square, resulting in increased foot traffic and a stronger community spirit. New asset classes, including F&B, leisure, offices, and childcare, were successfully integrated due to the success of the “White Boxing” and “Pop Up” programmes and the significant amount of time and effort dedicated to managing events, campaigns, and tenant relationships.


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Best Sustainability Initiative


Over the last five years, ESG has been at the forefront of Centre: MK’s strategies, integrated into every aspect of their operations. This commitment is reflected in their remarkable achievements. Despite evolving government targets, Centre:MK remains dedicated to environmental sustainability and community enhancement, supported by stakeholders.

Key achievements include; impressive environmental impact, noteworthy GRESB rating, social value accreditation, health and wellbeing initiatives, innovation and sustainability, collaboration and engagement and recognitions and awards. In summary, Centre: MK’s ESG strategy exemplifies a profound commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective governance. Their achievements and future initiatives demonstrate their leadership in the field of sustainable retail destinations.

Rising Star

Christina Beggan, Asset Management Director, Ellandi

Christina is a pioneering asset manager, embodying the traits of the new generation: dynamic, commercially astute, and technically adept. Her skill set extends from intricate financial analysis to strategic leasing and tenant curation. Notably, Christina orchestrated the revival of the Bradford town centre, transforming Broadway from 15% occupancy to full capacity. Her instrumental role in facilitating the relocation of Primark to a new development in the old Debenhams building marked a pivotal achievement, realized in just six months.

As an advocate for inclusivity and diversity, Christina’s involvement in Real Estate Women group underscores her commitment to industry-wide change. Her proactive role in Ellandi’s social committee and internship program reflects her dedication to breaking barriers within the real estate profession. Moreover, Christina’s impact extends to environmental initiatives, leading efforts to reduce energy consumption, manage waste, and promote sustainability, earning accolades for her contributions.

In all facets, Christina exemplifies a modern asset manager: a multi-talented professional with a unique blend of technical expertise, relationship-building acumen, and a passion for driving positive change.

Proptech Innovation

Twin Pay

Twin revolutionizes the EV payment market by offering a unified payment platform for all types of EV Charge Points and parking facilities. It addresses the complexity arising from multiple Charge Point manufacturers, each with distinct interfaces and payment processes. Twin drastically reduces costs for operators, requiring only one credit card reader for multiple Charge Points and parking terminals, saving up to 90% compared to conventional setups.

Moreover, Twin’s forward-looking approach future-proofs the EV Charge Point market, allowing operators to adapt and innovate without being tied to a specific supplier. It promotes technological advancements and ensures a seamless experience for motorists. Twin represents a significant leap forward in making EV charging and parking more accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective.


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Best Local Authority Initiative

Meridian Water – Enfield Council

Meridian Water is Enfield Council’s ambitious 25-year regeneration initiative, set to deliver 10,000 homes, including 4,000 affordable units, making it one of the largest such programs in London. The council has taken on the role of master developer to unlock the site’s economic and placemaking potential. This innovative approach aims to not only provide housing but also generate 6,000 new jobs, moving beyond industrial warehousing to higher-skilled and better-paid employment opportunities.

Enfield Council’s commitment to local empowerment is demonstrated through employment-focused initiatives, skills academies, and a ‘Community Chest’ fund to enhance neighbourhoods, ensuring that Meridian Water benefits the community at its core, particularly in areas of higher deprivation.

Best Local Authority Initiative/Private Sector Partnership

The Dolphin Shopping Centre & The NHS

In 2021, The Dolphin undertook a transformation, converting a 20,000 sq. ft department store into a vital health facility for Poole and its surroundings. In collaboration with the NHS, The Dolphin introduced the UK’s first outpatient assessment clinic within the shopping centre to address long waiting lists for acute provider appointments. This clinic, co-designed for optimal patient experience, accessibility, and efficiency, offers a range of critical services including physiotherapy, orthopaedics, breast screening, general surgery, and more. Over 15,500 patients were seen between Dec 2021 – Jan 2023, with significant improvements in appointment waiting times.

The Dolphin’s approach demonstrates how combining social impact initiatives with commercial strategies can lead to positive outcomes for both the community and the shopping centre. The ongoing initiatives, including the outpatient clinic, contribute to a revitalised and vibrant space that meets the evolving needs of the community in Poole and the wider area.

Asset Management Initiative

The Mall Wood Green

Whittington Health, an NHS Trust in North Central London, and Capital & Regional, a UK property REIT, collaborated to establish a Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) in Wood Green, one of London’s most deprived neighbourhoods. This CDC, the first to be located in a shopping centre nationally, offers critical diagnostic services including phlebotomy, x-rays, ophthalmology, and ultrasound, with plans for MRI and CT scanning in Phase 2. The CDC, operational since August 2022, sees 300 patients daily.

The Wood Green CDC is strategically significant, providing improved access to diagnostics, reducing health inequalities, and supporting economic and social recovery. The partnership model facilitated a swift development process and collaborative efforts between NHS and commercial partners, leading to a successful and impactful initiative. The CDC Phase 1 is a testament to the effectiveness of this joint approach.

Occupier of the Year

Gravity, Liverpool One

Voted as the winner of this category by attendees of the awards ceremony.

Independent Operator of the Year

LevelUp Escapes – The Darwin Centre

Nineteen-year-old entrepreneur Nathan Green founded LevelUp Escapes, an independent escape room experience in Shrewsbury’s Darwin Centre. It is the UK’s first independent escape room in an indoor shopping centre and the first leisure experience in The Darwin Centre. Nathan, with a background in theatre and scenic design, aimed to create escape rooms based on iconic movies, offering a unique and immersive experience. Despite challenges during construction due to COVID-19, they diversified their supply chains and conducted virtual testing.

The venture has been highly successful, with positive feedback and expansion plans. Nathan’s dedication to customer experience and community involvement has been exemplary. His achievements at such a young age make him a notable winner of Independent Operator of The Year.

Pop-Up of the Year

Charity Super Mkt – Brent Cross

Charity Super.Mkt, a pop-up retail initiative launched in partnership with Hammerson, has seen resounding success since its inception in January 2023 at Brent Cross, London. The concept provides a physical store for high-quality second-hand clothing from various brands. This innovative approach to repurposing space and supporting ethical shopping has been met with enthusiasm and positive results. Over 40,000 second-hand items were sold at Brent Cross, saving 11.4 tonnes of clothing from landfill and benefiting various charities. The concept expanded to The Oracle in Reading, raising over £200,000 for charity. Another pop-up was launched at Cabot Circus in Bristol, further demonstrating the potential for this sustainable retail model.

Community Initiative

CommUNITY Space – Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham Shopping Centre, launched the CommUNITY Space project in January to address the need for accessible safe spaces in the borough. The project, a 3,200 sq. ft. space open five days a week, has seen over 25,000 visits and engaged with numerous charities and groups. Activities include free sports sessions, young women’s programs, parent and toddler sessions, and social support programs.

The project, a collaboration with key partners, has received recurrent funding and has become a hub for various community services and workshops, demonstrating its significant social value.


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Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – Large

The Lexicon – Bracknell Forest Festival

The Lexicon’s marketing campaign showcased a creative and community-focused approach. In 2021, the introduction of three tree giants aimed to revive town center footfall post-COVID. In 2022, the Bracknell Forest Festival, titled “The Giants Return,” built on the success of the original event. Featuring two new giants and interactive activities, including conservation pledges and a volunteer scheme, the campaign engaged the community, celebrated The Lexicon’s fifth birthday, and resulted in a 15% footfall increase, 150 volunteers, £15k raised for charity, and extensive media coverage. The event cost £171,000, fully matched by Bracknell Forest Council.

Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – Large

Highly Commended

Manchester Arndale – Christmas 2022

Manchester Arndale’s Christmas 2022 campaign, was recognised with a highly commendable status as it successfully blended core brand values of authenticity and generosity with community support. The campaign, centered around ‘Candy Cane Central,’ offered engaging family activities and a Santa’s Talking Postbox. The advertising campaign, ‘The Spirit of Christmas,’ featured a poignant 60-second video promoted across various platforms, resulting in over 1.7 million social media impressions. Collaborating with Real Change MCR, the ‘Giving Grotto’ collected items worth £3,500 for Mustard Tree. With a £198,000 budget, the campaign achieved remarkable results, including a +15% footfall increase compared to pre-pandemic levels and a +23.5% rise in sales during the campaign period. Manchester Arndale demonstrated a meaningful commitment to community engagement and support, fostering an authentic and generous festive spirit.

Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – Medium

Grand Arcade – Christmas 2022

Grand Arcade’s Christmas 2022 campaign secured the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year (medium) award, showcasing a community-focused initiative with the renowned Dinky Doors artists. The campaign introduced a unique trail featuring exclusive portals displayed inside the shopping center and put up for sale for charity. A ‘Dinky Present Hunt’ engaged shoppers, resulting in an immediate positive response and a +12.6% year-on-year increase in footfall. The trail’s success extended dwell time and visits as shoppers explored ten bespoke Dinky Doors, uncovering hidden objects. A two-tier competition, coupled with imaginative storytelling, captured the community’s enthusiasm, with a 5-year-old named Oscar winning the storytelling competition. The campaign culminated in a charity auction, raising £9,080 split equally between Cambridge Street Aid and the artists for creating more free art for the city. The initiative not only brought festive joy but also supported local charities, making it a well-rounded and impactful campaign.

Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – Shoestring

The Harvey Centre – Bug Bistro

The Harvey Centre’s inventive and cost-effective marketing campaign earned them the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year (shoestring) award. Focused on growing social media presence and engagement, they orchestrated a unique and attention-grabbing April Fools’ Day stunt, announcing the fictional “Bug Bistro.” The campaign utilized various platforms, including branded vinyls in the shopping center, a QR code leading to a creative news article on the website, a promotional newsletter, and engaging social media posts with fake brand artwork and edible bug images. The reveal post on April 1st garnered significant attention, exceeding expectations in digital engagement across platforms, showcasing impressive statistics such as a 113% increase in website sessions, boosted social media impressions, and heightened newsletter performance. The campaign not only captivated the Harlow community but also achieved notable local and regional PR coverage, demonstrating the success of their imaginative and buzz-worthy approach.

Centre Management Team of the Year

The Galleries Shopping Centre

The Centre Management Team at The Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol has risen to the challenge of an impending redevelopment project. With 70% of key staff having worked there for over 10 years, the team has maintained vibrancy and community engagement by hosting events, creating cost-effective marketing campaigns, and using vacant units for pop-ups. They have implemented a plethora of innovative and unique initiatives to support staff morale and recognition, resulting in outstanding customer service awards for the security team. The cleaning team has provided work experience for students with special needs, and all staff have received updated customer service training. The team has also focused on filling vacant units with community-focused occupiers to maintain vibrancy within the centre. They have initiated various community events and programs, raising funds for local charities and championing mental health awareness.

The efforts of the Centre Management Team have fostered a strong sense of community spirit within the centre.


Stanley Square

The winners of the Repurposing category successfully transformed an ailing shopping center, once plagued by vacancies and design issues, into the thriving Stanley Square, now the heart of Sale. With an investment of £6 million since 2020, the initiative focused on rebranding to Stanley Square, removing canopies, and enhancing public spaces. Goals included creating a mixed-use community hub, and the results surpassed expectations: no vacancies, a sought-after location for occupiers, a vibrant F&B scene, and increased footfall. The repurposing efforts, emphasizing environmental sustainability and community engagement, have not only added value but generated a sense of community spirit, making Stanley Square a destination with diversified asset classes, from F&B to offices and childcare facilities. The £10 million added value underscores the success of this transformative project.

Best New Development

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station (BPS) is a dynamic 42-acre estate on the Thames in central London, anchored by the iconic Grade II* listed Power Station. This mixed-use destination offers living, working, shopping, dining, and leisure experiences. The landmark’s transformation from ruin to a cultural, retail, residential, and commercial hub with over 100 establishments has revitalized the area. Notable brands like LEGO®, Nike, ZARA, and Apple Battersea are among the eclectic mix.

The development respects the building’s history, seamlessly blending retail and leisure spaces. Unique attractions include Lift 109, which provides 360-degree views of London, and The Cinema in The Power Station. With over 45 dining options, including the expansive Arcade Food Hall Battersea, BPS ensures constant foot traffic. The site accommodates residents, workers, and visitors, resulting in a vibrant community. BPSDC’s £5 billion investment has yielded impressive results, with over 35 brands opening since October 2022, 10 million visitors, and retailers achieving exceptional performance.