Revo supports the interests and values of the whole retail, leisure, & placemaking real estate community,
and is the forum for its members to network, share experience, provoke thinking and lead the evolution of the built environment.

To change the shape of retail to create meaningful places.

In everything we do, we are guided by our core values – dynamic, authoritative and inclusive.

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2021 Statement

Along with our members, Revo has adapted to the radical changes driven by a shift in retail patterns and brought into sharper focus with the current pandemic and lockdowns.

In recognition of the challenges, our members are facing we have halved membership fees for this year and further reduced the individual discounted rate. We are also offering existing member companies up to 25% free places for new members. Revo Hub (under 30’s) membership remains free of charge.

We also recognise the importance of adapting our activities to ensure members continue to have the opportunity to share knowledge, debate trends and raise their profile in the industry. We will provide the platform and marketing giving members the opportunity to deliver the following range of activities relevant across the breadth of our membership:

  • Monthly seminar/webinar topics and interviews with presentations, panel discussion and Q&A with full member participation and profiling across the community.

  • Recorded podcast output from all events alongside blogs and members’ published content.

  • A re-energised suite of industry awards recognising excellence across the many facets of the Revo community.

  • Access to the growing bank of research and resources published by Revo.

  • The opportunity to actively participate in our expert committees where industry best practice and knowledge is shared and our thought leadership activities are coordinated.

  • Annual conference when practical.

  • Our famous Revo study tours at home and abroad – virtual until we can be together.

  • A monthly newsletter that summarises events, committee activity, market trends and member profiles.

  • Continued collaboration with Revo Educational Trust and sharing educational resource.

We look forward to the day that we can combine our seminars, tours, etc. with the great face to face networking events Revo has become known for. We will then re-introduce a programme of major events in addition to a conference e.g. breakfasts and gatherings across the UK and in formats that are established as relevant through direct member engagement.

Many of us enjoy relationships across the industry that have been nurtured through Revo’s 37 years. This is true across the breadth of our membership and we remain a valuable forum for both established industry leaders and for those in the earlier stages of their career. There is no other collaborative network that others this relevance and focus across the retail and leisure property and placemaking community.

We are working on a streamlined committee structure. This will allow us to address the issues concerning the wider industry, looking at how the retail, leisure and placemaking environment will adapt and evolve. More to follow in the near future.

A broader remit

We are now embracing all kinds of retail property and all kinds of stakeholders – everyone, in other words. This diversity makes us uniquely placed to champion real improvements and positive change for our sector.

Working Together

We intend to harness the collective experience, as well as the influence and resources of our network to challenge and shape our industry for the future. And we’ll be working in constant dialogue with the entire retail property community.

The influencers

We are here to help shape the future of the retail property and placemaking industry. So we will be engaging with even more senior figures in key government departments to raise awareness of Revo locally and nationally.

The network

Our membership has a really broad base, with specialisms and experience of all kinds. We aim to create more relevant and accessible business and career development opportunities and make sure the industry has the right people, with the right skills.

The benchmark

Revo sets standards, recognises achievement and sparks ideas. A new educational programme will meet the needs of industry professionals throughout their careers, and there will be a renewed focus on apprenticeships.

The trend spotters & thought leaders

Revo intends to stay ahead of the curve, prepared for and embracing the future. We will analyse trends, interpret market data and organise focused working groups and think tanks run by true experts in their fields. We will produce pioneering research and insight papers, and establish Revo as the place to come for authoritative commentary.

It’s time to move onwards and upwards

Our industry is shifting and evolving. We’re changing too, so that we can better represent our community and membership base, and drive the industry forward.

Making what’s good even better

Rest assured that our founding principles and commitment will remain the same. We will continue to build on all the great things we’ve achieved over the past 30-plus years.