The dynamic change underway in the retail and leisure real estate sector and its social, societal, economic and environmental value requires dedicated UK representation. Revo provides ‘the’ forum for the industry to collaborate, self-moderate, question, develop and progress.


Run by the members, for the members, Revo represents the entire ecosystem of skills involved in our industry’s reinvention. Members have a professional and social advantage with a network that combines seasoned experience with fresh talent, to shape the retail, leisure and placemaking sector.


Our mission is to provoke forward-thinking debate and guidance that supports and leads the evolution of a prospering and successful built environment. We are dedicated to the dynamic exchange of innovation and best practice acting to shape and support the communities we serve.

2024 Statement

In an era marked by transformative shifts in retail patterns, Revo remains steadfast in its commitment to its members, community and wider industry. Guided by our theme for 2024 Places & Spaces Reinvented, we alongside our resilient members, have not only adapted but thrived in the face of radical changes.

Revo stands at the forefront, poised to support, educate, and connect our members in leading the evolution of the built environment. Acknowledging the paramount importance of adjusting our strategies to the evolving landscape, we are dedicated to ensuring that our members have ample opportunities to share knowledge, engage in trend debates, and elevate their profiles within the industry.

Recognising the diverse needs of our membership, we pledge to provide a robust platform and strategic marketing initiatives. This will empower our members to partake in a spectrum of activities tailored to their specific interests and expertise. From fostering knowledge exchange to facilitating trend discussions, and from enhancing industry visibility to promoting professional growth, Revo is committed to championing the collective journey of our members in the ever-evolving realm of our Places & Spaces

  • Member-only digital community platform & forum, RevoComms

  • Seminar/webinar topics and interviews with presentations, panel discussion and Q&A with full member participation and profiling across the community.

  • Recorded output from all events alongside blogs and members’ published content.

  • A re-energised industry awards recognising excellence across the many facets of the Revo community.

  • Access to the growing bank of research and resources published by Revo.

  • The opportunity to actively participate in our expert committees where industry best practice and knowledge is shared and our thought leadership activities are coordinated.

  • An array of conferences throughout the year.

  • Our famous Revo study tours at home and abroad.

  • A monthly newsletter that summarises events, committee activity, market trends and member profiles.

  • Continued collaboration with the Revo Educational Trust, National Shopping Centre Councils and Communities.

Revo members continue to have the opportunity to share knowledge, debate trends and raise their profile in the industry. After 38 years, we remain a valuable forum for both established industry leaders and for those in the earlier stages of their careers.  There is no collaborative network quite like Revo that offers this relevance and focus across the retail and leisure property and placemaking community.

A Broader Remit

We are now embracing all kinds of retail property and all kinds of stakeholders – everyone, in other words. This diversity makes us uniquely placed to champion real improvements and positive change for our sector.

Working Together

We intend to harness the collective experience, as well as the influence and resources of our network to challenge and shape our industry for the future. And we’ll be working in constant dialogue with the entire retail property community.

The Influencers

We are here to help shape the future of the retail property and placemaking industry. So we will be engaging with even more trade associations, councils and communities to raise awareness of Revo, our members and our industry both locally and nationally.

The Network

Our membership stretches across the entire retail, leisure, property and placemaking industry, with specialisms and experiences of all kinds. We aim to create more relevant and accessible business and career development opportunities and make sure the industry has the right people, with the right skills.

The Benchmark

Revo sets standards, recognises achievement and sparks ideas. The Revo Diploma provides retail place managers with the practical skillset and knowledge to manage and operate the retail and leisure assets that sit at the heart of our communities while The Revo's recognise, celebrate and honour the best in our sector and those driving innovation focused on the future of our industry.

The Thought Leaders

Revo intends to stay ahead of the curve, prepared for and embracing the future. Our committees are comprised of true experts in their fields who produce best practice, guidance, insight papers and more. Ensuring Revo as the place to come for authoritative commentary.

It’s time to move onwards and upwards

Our industry is shifting and evolving. We’re always changing too, so that we can better represent our community and membership base, and drive the industry forward.

Making what’s good even better

Rest assured that our founding principles and commitment will remain the same. We will continue to build on all the great things we’ve achieved over the past 30-plus years.