Diploma graduation!

diploma graduation
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Diploma graduation!

This year will see the first cohort of students who have all successfully passed the CertHE – Revo Diploma in Retail and Place Management at Solent University – graduate in February 2022.

They have gone through some of the toughest times seen by the Retail and Leisure sector in recent times and their ability to continue their course due to COVID and be fully onsite every day at work is unsurpassed.

So well done Revo Class of 2022 and all the best for the future!

Find out more about the diploma here – April start is fast approaching!

Cohort One and Revo Class of 2022

Darren Brookes
Richard Chamberlain
Paul Darlow
Andrew Godfrey
Sarah Lazell
Andrew Marmot
David Mcnee
Helen Morgan
Sean Morrison
Rachel Moss
Jacqueline Passey
Dariusz Piwowar
Tina Powley
Louise Pritchard
Samantha Robinson
Stephanie Rodgers
Jacquelyn Stewart
Phillip Stiff
Jamie Turner
Gavin Vidler