Tom’s Trust – Can you help?

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Tom’s Trust – Can you help?

Tom’s Trust Vision

Our vision is a world where every child with a brain tumour has the mental health support they need, as well as their loved ones. Tom’s Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to providing psychological support for children with brain tumours. We’re challenging the way people prioritise mental health and providing children with instant access to a psychologist at the point of diagnosis.

Their Mission

Our mission is to provide psychologists to children with brain tumours and their families in every area of the UK by 2030. We support children and their families:

  • ◉ Immediately following a diagnosis
  • ◉ Through medical procedures
  • ◉ Following medical treatments
  • ◉ When integrating back into school
  • ◉ Through any major changes or transitions, including the move into adult services
  • ◉ While learning to live well with disabilities
  • ◉ When coping with bereavement
  • ◉ And through all the times in between to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

How can I help?

Tom’s Trust is looking to host a collection in a shopping centre in either Liverpool or Newcastle for one day in the coming weeks. Are you able to help?

If your answer is yes or you know someone who can, please contact today

Want to know more, visit the Tom’s Trust website HERE. Also, discover their 2022 impact report below.