Re:Imagining Retail | How will retail spaces go green?

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Re:Imagining Retail | How will retail spaces go green?

Re: Imagining Retail embarked on its first publication in 2019, with an aim to raise awareness of the issues in the retail sector that showed the need to repurpose a considerable proportion of shops across the UK and Europe. Retail then, as it does now, needs to be reimagined. Sustained challenges in occupation have left many of our towns and city centres with redundant spaces, while other areas have thrived or adapted. The third publication in the series tackles many facets and challenges related to environmental sustainability. What will retail real estate have to do to be truly green, reach net zero, be socially conscious and thrive once more?

The Reimagining Retail project is a call for action.

It’s a meeting of minds, both within our organisation as well as outside, to address some of the toughest topics facing our industry. These issues touch all of us and is a truly cross-sector property industry conundrum, whether or not you work directly with retail or town centres. We’re all on a journey, with ESG and decarbonisation the hot topics of every conversation and for which no one can claim to hold all the answers. Sharing experiences and learnings from across the property spectrum, therefore, has the best chance to produce innovative solutions and steer us toward a net-zero and financially secure future.

We hope you find the content in these pages, as we did, both inspiring and engaging!

Please get in touch with Mark Garmon-Jones & Tom Whittington if you would like to get involved and click HERE to find out more.