Committee Commentary | Levelling Up Fund Round 2

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Committee Commentary | Levelling Up Fund Round 2

Today has seen the much anticipated announcement of the latest round of Levelling Up funding. There have been 100 successful bids; and the Prime Minister has described the investment as “transformational” and overall more investment has been allocated to the North than to the South.

Revo members are heavily invested in our towns and cities across the UK and have been involved in the preparation of bids and have been eagerly awaiting this announcement; and whilst in overall terms we welcome these announcements there is a firm recognition that more needs to be done if we are truly to regenerate our urban areas – particularly those of deprivation. There are many hundreds of projects that have a compelling case but have been unsuccessful and therefore the commitment to a Round 3 of funding is positive.

We will now need to see strong local leadership working with Revo members and wider stakeholders to ensure these schemes happen as well as keeping the flame alive for those that have missed out to date.