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Ross Tyson – Landsec


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Why did you want to enter The Revo’s? 

From the moment I joined Landsec, there was a consensus among my peers that the Revo’s represent the pinnacle of recognition within our dynamic industry. This sentiment has only grown more over the past five years, as I’ve witnessed first-hand the magnitude of industry knowledge within Revo, from placemaking marketing to construction and technology. REVOs are the only awards where every facet of the industry is covered. the decision to enter the Revo awards was a natural progression in my career journey.

What sets the Revo awards apart, is the profound respect they command within the real estate and placemaking sphere. The breadth of industry knowledge that Revo brings to the table.

Having had the privilege of being a part of a Purple Apple-winning campaign in 2019, I experienced the highs of success and the impact that industry acknowledgement can have on somebody. The buzz of that achievement lingered, serving as a constant motivator to enter future Revo awards when the next chance presented itself.

Once the new awards were announced I found myself reflecting on the remarkable journey of the last 18 months. There was a perfect alignment with the strides and innovations that I have made and the Rising Star category.

What makes your entry standout?

My entry this year could not be replicated by anybody else. It was a truly unique period in time where I work on ‘first of it’s kind’ projects like the opening of the Sidemen store in Bluewater and seeing the WWE project move from a speculative email to a record braking £500k+ Pop-Up store.

I have seen first-hand how the projects I have worked on this year have stirred genuine emotion. These have been in the form of children’s excitement as they discover a trail of dinosaurs, the gratitude of the LGBTQIA+ community as they read thousands of messages of unity on ‘The Tree of Pride’ and passion and intrigue as thousands made small commitments to be more environmentally conscious as a result of the ‘SWARM’ bee project.

I’m proud to posses, at times, absurdist creativity and ground my ideas with meticulous analysis and commercial savvy, it’s why some of the more outlandish campaigns I have worked on, have delivered against their KPIs.

Over the last 18 months I have found myself saying sentences nobody would have ever uttered before and therefore feel my entry stands out because it is totally unique.

It’s frantic and chaotic, but in a strangely beautiful way. Which is everything the retail, placemaking and leisure industry is.

How do you envision the future of your industry, and how do you hope to contribute to it?

The future of the industry is poised for a evolution, marked by a surge in interest in one-of-a-kind, exclusive experiences that money can’t buy. The trend was moving this way before the pandemic, but the years locked down as only accelerated this change. I see a landscape where the physical retail space becomes a stage for immersive and memorable encounters, transcending the traditional transactional model. Places were people can interact with their favourite TV shows, movies and brands as well as purchase products.

I believe retail will continue to further immerse itself within digital world. New technologies such as a AI and social media habits will enhance retail rather than sideline it. Digital platforms will serve as catalysts, seamlessly intertwining with the physical realm to create a bespoke, personalised and importantly convenient shopping experience. Technology will be harnessed to personalize customer journeys, making them more engaging and responsive. Those within the industry open to change and new ideas will thrive and those who are change resistant may struggle to survive. The future will reward the brave.

In this evolving landscape, my impact will be felt through a commitment to championing progression. I aim to be at the forefront of exciting projects that redefine the boundaries of what a shopping centre can offer. By embracing innovation and demonstrating a willingness to take calculated risks on unexplored territories, I aspire to lead initiatives that haven’t been done before.

I hope to be instrumental in curating and communicating these groundbreaking experiences, creating a sense of anticipation and community engagement. I am dedicated to ensuring that the spaces I manage become not just shopping destinations but vibrant hubs where people come together to create lasting memories, setting the stage for a thriving future in the shopping centre, placemaking, and leisure industry.

What one word best summarises your entry?