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Twin Pay

Why did you want to enter The Revo’s? 

To raise the profile of Twin within the Retail Sector. To explain to the retail sector that parking and EV charging no longer operate as exclusive industries, the two services are intrinsically linked and Twin offers the first payment platform for any number of makes and models of charge point and also parking payments. There are two ways to pay for parking and EV Charging, either via a Twin Payment Terminal or Twin Phone App.

What makes your entry standout?

We can help the retail sector meet the exponential growth of the EV Charge Point infrastructure, organically.

As new makes of charge point become available, Twin can integrate with and take payment for them without making the older EV Charge Point infrastructure obsolete.

A Twin payment terminal or Phone App can take payment for an infinite number of charge points.

How do you envision the future of your industry, and how do you hope to contribute to it?

The parking and EV Charging industries will very soon be one industry.

Already the Department of Transport are making it a requirement for there to be on phone App for all types of charge point and Twin is ahead of the game.

The industry at present is too reliant on each charge point manufacturer providing their own special Phone App to pay, very soon their will be 2 or 3 EV Charge Point payment platforms to service an entire industry – This is very similar to the National Parking Platform (NPP) with RIngo and Pay by Phone.

What one word best summarises your entry?