Landsec Shopping Centre Marketing – Leave Them Speechless

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Landsec Shopping Centre Marketing – Leave Them Speechless


Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – Large

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Why did you want to enter The Revo’s? 

Entering the awards for Marketing Campaign of the Year – Large was a natural fit with Landsec’s commitment to industry excellence. For us, Revo is the pinnacle of recognition, reward and respect in the real estate and placemaking sector. This comes from the length and breadth of knowledge within Revo. We know our campaigns are being judged by peers who understand the process, challenges and values of what we do.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, we recognised the significance of the first ‘normal Christmas’—a period marked by resilience and recovery. We chose to showcase our commitment to pushing boundaries in marketing by taking a bold risk with a new style of Christmas advertising. The campaign was not just about promoting our centres, but also capturing the emotion and humour of a family christmas.

By entering the awards, we aimed to not only share our success story but to inspire others within the industry to embrace creativity, even in challenging times. We sought recognition for highlighting the power of innovative marketing, the combination of old fashioned strong creative with new modern media buying techniques. The Revo awards embody the spirit of progress, and we are eager to be a part of this celebration.

What makes your entry standout?

Our entry for awards stands out for its unparalleled use of easy-to-understand, relatable humour—a rare feat, particularly in the confined space of a 30-second video. Humour that resonates universally demands a unique skill set, and our campaign delivering a message that not only entertained but connected with a diverse audience on a personal level and crucially influenced their habits at Christmas.

What sets us apart is not just the humour but the bravery to rely on a single creative execution across four distinct media plans. In an industry whose festive campaigns are defined by showcasing everything on offer, we took the bold step of promoting shopping centres without featuring any brands, products, or the centres themselves. This brave decision allowed us to craft a narrative that transcended the conventional, creating a story that spoke to the essence of community, joy, and shared experiences.

The courage to break away from the norm and the ability to elicit genuine laughter in a brief video underscore our commitment to innovation. Our entry represents a departure from the ordinary, showcasing the power of storytelling and relatable humour in making a lasting emotional and commercial impact.

How do you envision the future of your industry, and how do you hope to contribute to it?

The future of shopping centres and the leisure industry, it’s about blending in with real people, embracing technology, making things convenient, getting communities involved, and being eco-friendly. At Landsec, we’re picturing a future where every visitor has a personal, smooth experience that fits their needs. We get that we’re not just physical spaces but buzzing hubs where people connect and create memories, making local communities even more vibrant.

In our vision for the future, Landsec is on a mission to be the best when it comes to being kind to the environment. We’re bringing in energy-efficient tech, designing with the planet in mind, and brining our guests with us on the journey with eco-friendly centre events.

By combining personal touches, tech, convenience, community spirit, and sustainability, Landsec wants to shake up the way we think about shopping centres. We’re all about leading the way in positive change. Our spaces aren’t just keeping up with what people want; they’re also giving back to communities and taking care of our planet’s health.

What one word best summarises your entry?