Upper Precinct, Coventry

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Upper Precinct, Coventry



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Shearer Property Group and Chapman Taylor Architects

Why did you want to enter The Revo’s? 

Revo is an established respected industry organisation and a Gold award is something to be proud of, particularly as it is judged by our peers. So, the ultimate reason is SPG wants to win!

The Precinct has been an outstanding collaborative project in a Top 12 UK City which perfectly fits Revo award criteria. SPG is very proud of its achievements in Coventry and the significant positive impact it has had on the City, its residents, and the huge student population (64,000 in the 2 Universities).

What makes your entry standout?

  • The ‘before’, ‘during’, and ‘after’ photos clearly demonstrate the comprehensive extent of the refurbishment. This repurposing has reinvented the prime pitch of this great city and, for the first time in nearly 50 years, has visually reconnected the Precinct to Broadgate Square/Cathedral spire and Lower Precinct. This has recreated a legible city centre, transforming permeability.
  • It is the unseen elements behind the visuals that also set this project apart.
  • This project formed a key phase in a joint ambition with the Council to regenerate Coventry’s central core.
  • The project would not have happened without the existing successful and trusting working relationship with the Council and Historic England – a perfect example of the public and private sectors working together harmoniously with a shared vision.
  • The vision for this project went beyond the immediate boundaries of the ownership and included small-scale interventions on 3rd party adjacencies such as the former BHS building (now Flannels and Sports Direct), the M&S building, and the Ernest Jones ramp.
  • SPG overcame various challenges, particularly the Grade II Listing designated at the outset of this project, which applied to all affected buildings. We also used the COVID lockdowns to accelerate the phased delivery programme.

How do you envision the future of your industry, and how do you hope to contribute to it?

Real estate remains at the heart of humanity. It is created by human behaviour and equally crafts it. All property is at the heart of the way we live our lives and none are more important than creating and maintaining a vibrant social and commercial ‘marketplace’ in every town and city – so its relevance is never-ending and constantly evolving.

A key challenge for the industry is adapting legacy buildings, with their embodied carbon, to remain compliant with new regulations and purpose.

Our regeneration skillset, which in Coventry has also included the refurbishment and repurposing of Cathedral Lanes, demonstrates how places and buildings can be reinvented to provide new, exciting, and vibrant experiences that transform people’s lives.

What one word best summarises your entry?