Places & Spaces for Women & Girls

Places & Spaces for Women & Girls


July 2, 2024


9:00 am


Microsoft Teams

Places & Spaces for Women & Girls

Join us for a groundbreaking webinar exploring the critical topic of gender-sensitive urban planning and the creation of inclusive public spaces for women and girls. Delve into the intersection of design, community engagement, and social equity as we examine the findings of groundbreaking research and the vision for a more inclusive urban future.

In 2015, Swedish research revealed startling disparities in public spaces, highlighting how from the age of 8, the gender imbalance among park users skewed dramatically towards boys. Moreover, teenage girls reported feeling ten times more insecure in public spaces, shedding light on the urgent need for gender-sensitive urban design. (source: White Arkitekter. LFA: Flickrum – Places for girls. 2018)

Contrastingly, in the UK, the absence of public spaces specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of girls is glaring. Traditional public facilities predominantly cater to boys’ interests, such as skate parks, BMX tracks, and multi-use games areas (MUGAs), leaving girls feeling overlooked and underserved.

Dr. May East, a prominent researcher and educator in gender-sensitive urban planning and regenerative design, brings her expertise to the forefront. Drawing from her extensive work, including the landmark book ‘What if Women Designed the City?’, Dr. East presents insights gleaned from 274 walking interviews with women, offering a deep understanding of their experiences in shaping and inhabiting urban neighbourhoods.

Susannah Walker Co-Founder of Make Space For Girls. MSFG campaigns for parks and public spaces to be designed for girls and young women, not just boys and young men.

Marina Milosev leads the project aimed at mainstreaming gender-informed urban design and planning and women and girls’ safety. Marina is leading this process for the Mayoral Development Corporation, LLDC, who were responsible for the 2012 London Olympics.

This webinar serves as a vital platform for dialogue and action, aiming to inspire tangible steps towards building urban environments that prioritise the needs and voices of women and girls.


  • 09:00 – Welcome from Vivienne King
  • 09:05 – What if Women Designed the City – May East  [Presentation]
  • 09:15 – Make Space for Girls – Susannah Walker [Presentation]
  • 09:25 – London Legacy Development Corporation – Marina Milosev [Presentation]
  • 09:35 – Q+A hosted by Gina Colley
  • 10:10 – Close by Gina Colley

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Meet The Speakers.

Vivienne King, Founder and Managing Director of Impactful Places and Revo Operating Board Member 

May East, Director of Cities Programme at UN House Scotland & Member of the Advisory Board Division for People and Social Inclusion at United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) 

Susannah Walker, Co-Founder at Make Space for Girls 

Marina Milosev, Team Lead – Planning Policy at London Legacy Development Corporation 

Gina Colley, Architect/Associate Director at Threesixty Architecture