The Rise of ‘Hyper-Reality’ Retail with Revo Hub & Checkland Kindleysides

The Rise of ‘Hyper-Reality’ Retail with Revo Hub & Checkland Kindleysides


October 31, 2023


9:15 am


Online Webinar

The Rise of ‘Hyper-Reality’ Retail with Revo Hub & Checkland Kindleysides

Investment in digital continues to accelerate, but e-commerce growth is widely predicted to slow in coming years. Consumers’ continued desire for #IRL, socialised shopping means physical retail needs a new wave of investment. Join Mike Tristram, Senior Strategist at Checkland Kindleysides and Grigor Grigorov, Architect & Partner at Make Architects and Revo Hub Committee Member, as they share their expertise on designing ‘hyper-reality’ retail experiences – the right way.

In this 60-minute webinar they will explore leading insights and best practice concepts that are shaping retail’s new ‘hyper-reality’ era, including:

  • Hyper-Social: Spaces where people genuinely desire to gather
  • Hyper-Sensory: Experiences that spark inspiration, without cannibalising consumerism
  • Hyper-Sustainable: Concepts that get consumers on board and change behaviours

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Meet The Speakers:

Mike Tristram, Senior Strategist, Checkland Kindleysides

Mike Tristram is a guiding force in strategy and innovation at Checkland Kindleysides. With a clear, realistic grasp on the present, Mike is a master at building future-focused strategies that propel brands into new consumer horizons. His expansive global experience with brands like H&M, Wedgwood, American Eagle and adidas, enhances each project, bringing innovative and interdisciplinary insights to the forefront to drive heartfelt and dynamic strategic narratives.

Grigor Grigorov, Architect & Partner, Make Architects

Grigor joined Make in 2012 and his current focus is reimagining existing retail assets as attractive mixed use places relevant to current and future needs. Prior to this, he worked on eight projects for luxury department store Harrods, most recently leading the refurbishment of the Grade II*-listed building’s facades and Hans Crescent public realm improvements. Grigor oversees Make’s “Future of Retail” thought leadership and is regularly invited to contribute to publications, conferences, and idea competitions. He also has experience in interior design for retail, workplace and hospitality.