Celebrating All Entrants – A Celebration of Place

A Celebration of Place is an industry and UK wide recognition campaign to celebrate the good within the industry over what has been an extremely challenging period (Jan 2020 to March 2022).

Despite the difficulties that we have all faced during the pandemic, both professionally and personally, there is a lot to be proud of in terms of how the industry and our people have adapted to keep our places operating and our people supported.  

Please join us in celebrating all of our entrants who are detailed below.


The passion, dedication and talent within the retail property industry (big or small), successes and initiatives during the impact of Covid-19. 


 Celebrating development work, refurbishment, or a retail fit-out that has taken place to enhance and improve places.


Individuals or teams representing the best our industry has to offer! Those who have gone over and above during a particularly challenging 24 months.

Our judges have been spotlighting submissions that they feel should receive particular merit through ‘Judges’ Choice’ winners. They are the submissions that best fit the judge’s marking criteria for each category.