Nominations Address: Holden House, 57 Rathbone Place, London, England, W1T 1JU 

Involved Partners: Sook works with landlords to reactivate vacant retail spaces with a modular and digital fit out 

Sook takes vacant retail spaces and fits them out with a modular, digital fit-out which can be rented by any occupier by the hour. The screens allow anyone to rapidly create a bespoke environment to showcase a product or service using digital content. Sook maximises the utility of empty spaces with a platform that drives access for everyone (Retail, Amenity, Community, Wellness, Art, Meetup, Education) at the same time as creating sustainable revenue for landlords. Sook gathers analytics for all of Sook’s occupiers which allows them to best understand how to use physical space as efficiently and effectively as possible Sook provides a solution for brands who may otherwise struggle to afford or access a physical retail space. Sook’s mission is to make the highstreet and prime retail locations accessible for all.  

By breaking down the barriers to the traditional retail model, Sook has democratised access to the high street and has amounted to helping over 250 businesses opening up stores in prime locations across the UK. Through Sook many underrepresented groups have a premium platform to showcase their businesses, initiatives and community work. Seventy percent of our customers are female founders. Unhidden is an award-winning apparel company that designs clothing accessible to those with disabilities. Through Sook, Victoria has been able to engage directly with her audience, run fashion shows, generate significant PR, and achieve investment to grow her business.