Helping Independent Traders Survive the Pandemic. Telford Centres a longstanding relationship with local independent traders who hold monthly, quarterly and annual events at the Centre, showcasing bespoke and handmade products. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that restrictions were put on capacity within shopping centres to allow for additional circulation space and social distancing.  These restrictions had a devastating impact on independent mall-based traders whose livelihood was almost wiped out overnight. The Centre Management team re purposed a void unit from which a collection of independent traders could retail their products under the covid guidelines.  This offered a lifeline to traders and helped to reinvigorate the vacant space.  The team worked with one of their existing independent retailers, ‘Victoria James’ to help contact prospective traders for the unit. The unit was cleaned, old fixtures and removed and decorated.  The centre team provided Covid-19 signage, created a one-way system and provided hand sanitising stations to ensure all guidelines were met. 

Branding and signage were created and the unit was launched in August 2020 and promoted as ‘Something Different’, home to a collection of local and independent traders with unique products available.

The unit was so successful that a second independent traders’ unit was opened in November 2020ed ‘The Season’. 

The Results: 

  • The x2 units have supported a total of 29 independent traders. 
  • x1 of the independent traders has now taken a permanent unit at the Telford Centre and another has placed an offer on a permanent unit. 
  • Total commercialisation revenue made across both units between March 2020 and March 2022 is £86,563.57. 
  • Telford Centre qualified for business rates relief on both units, creating Landlord savings of £179,110. 
  • Independent traders within the x2 units have made a combined turnover of circa £420k within this time frame. 

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“I’ve been in a Pop-Up shop since July 2020 and I have loved every minute of it. Without the help that Telford Centre have given me I’m not sure my little business would have made it through either the Pandemic or the initial period afterwards. I will always be grateful to the Centre & the people of Telford for supporting me.”

Mrs B’s Candles