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Robert Bradley has been centre manager of Castle Quarter (CQ) in Norwich since 2017.  

  • Under Rob’s leadership, in two years, CQ has transformed into a destination focused on leisure, social and lifestyle occupiers; attracting new tenants including Boom Battle Bar, Escape Hunt, Putt Putt Noodle, Vector VR, Si5 Spy Missions and Hotpod Yoga. 
  • Rob devised and managed CQ’s COVID-19 strategy: working on-site throughout all lockdowns.  He personally installed safety measures including signage and graphics whilst Castle Quarter was otherwise empty.   He provided vital management information to HO colleagues and handled (frequent) media enquiries in conjunction with his PR team, always with a positive outlook. 
  • Adapting to social distancing restrictions, in December 2020 Rob made the Castle Quarter Gardens available to a pop-up dining experience: Mysabar.  The tenant re-opened in summer and Christmas 2021, after successful trading.  Rob highlighted to others that hospitality businesses could adapt to offer innovative experiences during unprecedented times. 
  • After extensive discussions and planning, in January 2021 the UK’s first centre-based vaccination hub opened in CQ.  Rob and his team provided day-to-day, hands-on support to the NHS and those visiting for vaccinations. 
  • Throughout the pandemic Rob enabled his staff to work flexibly/from home to meet family needs.  He checked-in daily with essential tenants and key workers (security & cleaning teams) to support and encourage them. 
  • Rob has experienced great personal loss in the past 18 months, losing both his wife and father, and has deal with his own serious ill-health. Throughout, Rob has continued to be a motivational and supportive leader.  
  • Rob works tirelessly to support a range of not-for-profits, finding ways to bring community organisations into CQ.  From MIND’s ‘mindful moment’ bench to a free communal office and family play area, under Rob’s stewardship CQ has the needs of Norwich at heart. 


“Without Rob Bradley, there’s no way that Castle Quarter would be the thriving and vibrant mixed-use destination that it now is. From the very start of the Covid-19 crisis Rob lead his team from the front: taking personal responsibility for the implementation of all safety and social distancing measures. Castle Quarter stayed open for essential retail throughout the height of the pandemic and lockdowns and Rob was always on hand, usually on site. From installing floor graphics on his own to keeping in close contact with tenants, staff and the wider business community, Rob could not have done more.”.

Roger Fulford, Director, Munroe K Asset Management