A redevelopment project without a PPM since 2013, housing 50-year-old equipment in desperate need of change. I took over in Sept 2019 inheriting an operating model that had been static for 25 years. Six months later we entered the pandemic!  Thankfully, my changes had started, with new technology that readied us for hybrid working. Our new soft service provider Group Nexus also discovered their TUPE team had no training certificates and the task of change got bigger with each contract review. The centre environment too was suffering, from rough sleeping, anti-social behaviour, indecent exposure, and mental health incidents. You would be forgiven to wonder why I took on the challenge?

But I am a sucker for place making and turning environments around. 2 years on and I have advised on a new rough sleeper framework for the local council speeding up support to those in need more quickly, seeing rough sleeping, indecent exposure and antisocial behaviour eradicated. The service team have new equipment and obtained qualifications to support their roles whilst creating opportunities for the future, all now paid above London living wages. Commercialisation increased by 2000% (and no that is not an error in the zeros) Occupier engagement increased by 135% and our staff engagement improved from 60% to 84% We support Bright Boxes food parcels. https://www.voh.org.uk/brite_box.html I know what you are thinking – this must have cost a packet! In fact, we have a flat line with the 2019 budget. Some of the best transformations have been within my team.

The office manager Sam now not only supports our accounts management but contracts management and technical service compliance. My new Operations manager Gabriella thrives on the engineering challenges and is growing into a brilliant centre manager for the future. 


Tina is very approachable to all members of the team and traders a like. We often get comments from traders saying how helpful the team are on site. Also, Tina has been instrumental in shifting the perspectives of people in her team that were not open to commercialisation bookings but now embrace it.”