Winner of the C&R National Sparkle Award 2020 for an outstanding act of kindness to a guest was cleaner Mohammad Uddinwho.

He helped a young boy Osman who was new to the country source free uniform from our charity Uniform Exchange, secured some much-needed medical supplies and food for his parents who due to illness were still waiting for the universal credit to be approved. This interaction lasted for over three hours, during which Mohammed translated every word staff said and every word Osman responded with. When Osman arrived at the centre, he had a lot on his mind for a 13-year-old boy who was new to the country. His family were struggling for food, he had no uniform for school, and he was concerned about his mother’s health.

The interaction that Osman had with Mohammed and our team was invaluable to him.

Since the interaction took place Osman has been back to the centre a dozen times to give us updates and say hello. The next day, Mohammed approached Mall Management with a cash donation of £80; the reason being that Mohammed’s father –who passed away earlier in the year –had left his son some money on the proviso that the inheritance was only to be used for good causes and furthermore, he stayed for an extra 3 hours after his scheduled finishing time on the day to ensure he got all of his regular work completed; and more to the point, he did so on his own accord, without mentioning anything to his supervisor.

He went above and beyond what is expected of a car park cleaner, and he is a shining example to his fellow team members.


“Mohammed’s actions encapsulated everything that Sparkle award is all about and he really went the extra mile for Osman.”

The Mall Luton