Nathan is an absolute asset and has proven himself to have an exceptional work ethic, whilst displaying versatility, adaptability and resilience.

Nathan leads a variety of projects including implementing Over in the Centre which has led to sustainability improvements, an increasingly proactive team, improved morale and better claims mitigation. Nathan is keen to engage and assist people at all levels of the organisation and does so with a smile. Nathan has also implemented an audit schedule to allow accurate monitoring of standards in the Centre, engaging with both Duty Managers and Service Providers to ensure its success. To assist with tenant engagement and marketing Nathan led a project to set up our own app, which has had great feedback from tenants and customers alike. Nathan was invaluable during the lockdowns, ensuring that necessary work was still completed, that we led the way with covid measures (our local EHO took tips and recommendations from the centre) and perhaps most importantly that he considered the mental health of the wider teams by organising activities, regularly checking in with people and delivering Easter Eggs to colleagues.

Nathan has great relationships with all stakeholders, including our service providers, PABCIS, local BID, tenants, visitors, councilors and more. He is passionate about volunteering and has encouraged others at the centre to get involved in these opportunities. As well as exceeding expectations in his role, Nathan has secured new leases to minimise voids in the centre and support our Asset Managers. Nathan is currently working on a full CCTV and control room upgrade, he communicates effectively with all parties enabling a smooth implementation, engaged stakeholders and that the project is managed within agreed timescales.

All this and more has been completed in the last 2 years and we are extremely proud of his achievements and accomplishments.


“Nathan is an absolute pleasure to deal with! Whenever we have any issues he always goes above and beyond whenever we need it, nothing is too much trouble for Nathan, if you need it, he’ll sort it. Not only that, but he is also extremely friendly and approachable, we always feel like we can go to him if we need him. All around great guy and major asset to the centre, it wouldn’t be the same without him”

Lindsay, Jack&Jones Manager