New Square’s security team are a highly dedicated and accomplished mix of officers who promote service excellence to the centre’s stakeholders, tenants and the public.

Each member puts customer service at the forefront in all aspects of their roles and works together amazingly as a team, resulting in them achieving the Savills Gold standard for Customer Service. The team work closely alongside centre management to deliver the highest standards and are regularly recognised in Savills mystery shop with scores of high 90% consistently. The Team receives numerous compliments from the general public and Town Stakeholders. On 21/7/21, having just assisted the emergency services in dealing with a car fire, security officers on patrol saw two Police Officers being attacked by two men brandishing knives. Various members of the team sprang bravely into action to support the stricken Police Officers. The team were instrumental in disarming the assailants, removed the weapons to a safe area to protect colleagues and the public and detained the assailants until they were arrested. Other off-duty security officers who were also in the vicinity administered the first aid to the Police Officer who was stabbed until the paramedics arrived.

Had the team not demonstrated this selfless act so quickly and bravely the Police do believe that the Police officer and others may have been killed. Their excellence was recognised in the team being selected as finalists in the 2022 OSPA’s (Outstanding Security Performance Awards).

The Team have also collectively introduced new methods of working, introducing cost-effective technology systems to help daily operation with reporting, access control, and evidence information capture, to drive the sustainability of the centre and to remove paper administration as much as possible. This impact ensured the team work smarter, deploy resources where necessary and make 10% service charge savings.  


“The officers named above I believe are some of the bravest officers I’ve ever witnessed in 13 years of being SIA licensed. There actions deserve a nomination for an outstanding act award or to be rewarded with a voucher for an evening out with their families for their acts.”

Calvin Shakes –
Operations Manager – New Square, West Bromwich