Throughout recent times, and particularly throughout the pandemic, Princesshay was seen as a ‘safe haven’ for a number of vulnerable individuals.

During this time, our soft services team provided that much needed support and compassion for those individuals within the community, from the smallest acts of kindness to providing essential services. One example of this was when a vulnerable person was identified walking around our shopping centre late at night. The security team identified this individual on camera and made their way to the location. The vulnerable person communicated that they had no place of residence and due to their physical condition, the team decided to bring them back to the management offices where they made them a warm drink. The vulnerable person had not eaten that day so a member of the team offered the individual their own meal which was gratefully received. The team then worked tirelessly throughout the night to contact local support services in an attempt to arrange care for them. Due to the lack of support services available at that time, the team made the decision to allow the vulnerable person to stay overnight in the offices to guarantee them safe shelter.

The team continued to support the individual throughout the night and were able to arrange support from relevant organisations the following morning. This resulted in the vulnerable person receiving the support needed.

The dedication and community spirit of this team comes from each of the unique individuals that form part of it. They go over and above and beyond on a daily basis, and maintained the day to day running of the centre to an exceptional standard during a pandemic – despite the challenges we all faced throughout the pandemic. Prioritizing people continues to be the most important element at Princesshay.