During the past 24 months, the Silverburn Security Team have encountered a number of challenging and unsettling situations and they have gone above and beyond, in some cases performing lifesaving actions.

 In July 2021, a devastating event occurred within Silverburn’s multi-storey car park resulting in the loss of a young man’s life by way of suicide. Our Security team responded instantly and attempted to save his life with CPR until the emergency services attended. Despite the trauma of the evening and subsequent days and weeks, the onsite team assisted Police Scotland with their enquiries, maintained their professionalism, supported their peers through the crisis and displayed their resilience and strength when working together. In November 2021, a security officer was alerted to a potential person in crisis call where a male was contemplating taking his own life. The actions taken by the officer primarily ensured the safety of the male, they acted quickly to safeguard the best possible outcome, both for the male in question and the surrounding guests.

In December 2021, a potentially fatal, medical incident occurred within Silverburn. A life was saved by the quick response, fantastic first aid skills and use of life-saving equipment by our Security team. Three of our officers performed CPR, used the defibrillator twice and assisted the emergency services. Their response to an intense and critical incident resulted in the male leaving the site alert and upright. The security team at Silverburn continually strive for an extremely high level of professionalism towards our guests and also display a great amount of empathy and support toward their own team.

Their actions go above and beyond the expected and have led to exceptional outcomes for the parties involved. Their commitment to their roles and to Silverburn make them invaluable in our community.  


“I would highly recommend the Silverburn Mite security team dealt directly with some difficult incidents noted above for this award. It has been a difficult year for most of us but as front line staff, our security team had to come to work, kept our centre running/open for customers to access food retailers and pharmacies. While also delivering first class customer service; to me, they are some of the unsung heroes of the pandemic.”.

David Pierotti, Centre Manager