Ageless Teenagers is a community group for seniors. The Liberty wanted to support the initiative, so contributed a vacant unit as a rates mitigation initiative in Oct 2020.

The elderly population were advised to self-isolate for an extended period of time. Older people are vulnerable to loneliness and isolation, which can lead to depression, decline in physical health and wellbeing. The Liberty is located in Havering, with one of the oldest populations in London and nationally, therefore we’re keen to support the wellbeing of Ageless Teenagers seniors community.

During lockdowns, Fitness Instructors Weininger Irwin: First Gladiator Champion on ITV show Gladiators and Wife Janice Irwin: International Karate Champion supported physical and mental health of Ageless Teenagers delivering:- 

  • Online Zoom fitness classes promoted on The Liberty’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
  • Socially distanced door stop visits  
  • Socially distanced video recordings  
  • Regular phone calls 
  • Socially distanced meet ups 

To adapt and survive, founders Weininger and Janice encouraged seniors to drop in at The Liberty socially distanced. To improve engagement and morale, Ageless founders created empowerment opportunities:- 

  • IT training 
  • Printing workshops 
  • Arts & Crafts 
  • Sales of T-shirts (seniors volunteering in shop) 
  • Gardening projects 

The unit was eventually let, but the seniors community was established with existing 400 members. The Liberty re housed Ageless Teenagers to a larger unit allowing more opportunities:- 

  • Face to Face & online exercise programmes 
  • Quiz’s 
  • Free venue to hold funeral get togethers  
  • Monthly Tea Party’s 
  • Cookery programmes 

Community projects 2020-2022:- 

  • Nov – Dec 2020 Pen-Pal to Gran-Pal, The Liberty orchestrated an Inter- generational primary schools exchange. Children created Christmas cards, with a question about the past, seniors in isolation responded. 
  • June 2021: Windrush Train Party. A symbolic train journey sponsored by TFL to Tilbury to build awareness and understanding about the Windrush Generation. 
  • March 2022: Comic Relief 24hr Rowathon 


“The love and unity from you and the whole congregation shine through from the moment you enter. You have worked so hard and made so many happy may it continue like this for many years to come such love and happiness of which I am so happy to share with you all.”

Margaret N.