Ben was appointed to manage and rejuvenate Westhill Shopping Centre in 2019.

The Centre was disjointed and rundown. Public perception was that the owners didn’t care and were only interested in financial gain. Ben established strong relationships within the community to turn this around. He has an open-door policy, working closely with local bodies and becoming Business Associate for Westhill. He has collaborated on transforming the Centre’s outside space with fantastic results. This has led to new business’ leasing space despite covid-19.  Ben has guided the Centre in the following directions to maximise customer experiences:  

Uniformed look: – By creating a new brand, he has given the Centre an identity, allowing the Centre to be recognised for the right reasons. He chose a black and white theme providing a timeless, classy, vibe that a Centre with 40+ years of history deserves.

  • Social media: Introducing Facebook and Instagram pages and an interactive website with a “Spotlight on our Tenants” – showcasing tenants, and reaching out to customers who may not know what is on offer. It allowed for quicker communication with a great reach. 
  • Carbon Footprint, Sustainability and Environment
    • replaced contractors with local contractors, saving thousands of miles per year.  
    • Upgraded around 80% into LED  
    • Introduction of trees, a living wall, and landscaping (Westhill in Bloom award).  
    • Upcycling trees that fell down during the storms- working with a local artist to transform the wood into benches for the centre. 

The work Ben has done with the local community council has taken up a huge amount of personal time and a massive effort. They were very anti-Westhill and MAPP, this relationship is now one of a great collaboration. Ben’s big win was the Christmas extravaganza, where he converted an empty unit into a grotto, working with the council and schools – it was the best event Westhill has seen. 


“Appointing Ben Horsburgh as Centre Manager at Westhill Shopping Centre was an excellent decision by property manager’s MAPP. Providing a high standard of customer service is second nature to him, and his efforts have resulted in a vibrant and beautifully presented Centre that is at the heart of the community. This extends to not only building trust and positive relationships with the retailers and occupiers, but also to holding the position of commercial member/business partner in the local community council.”

Lynne Keenan –Executive Director -Head of Scotland Property Management, MAPP