Involved Partners: Trumpet PR and Design (PR and marketing support) Moo&Goo (Events company) 

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As a response to the unprecedented events of 2020, New Square innovated, creating numerous digital campaigns that navigated the ever-changing landscape to retain and enhance a connection with its audience, as well as supporting tenants and driving social media engagement. In Summer 2020, New Square Kids Club was launched, with downloadable content for children provided via the website. This evolved into the creation of a series of films for use across social media and the website.

These ranged from a Halloween craft and storytelling session to a festive quiz with Santa ‘live’ from the North Pole and a bug themed yoga workshop! People were encouraged to shop the items needed for each activity at the centre, thereby supporting tenants when on site activity wasn’t possible. Each film linked to a competition to drive the feelgood factor!

For Halloween you could win a Deliver-boo kits with everything needed for a Halloween party at home. For Christmas you could be selected to receive a visit from Santa at home and, in Spring, when guidelines were relaxed, a hybrid event was created with children being able to collect craft packs at the centre and then access the digital contact to complete a mini beast themed activity at home before sharing the results on New Square’s social channels! Films were created of all the ‘at home’ deliveries which generated extensive positive PR for the centre.

Over 18 months and for a budget of £17,450 New Square’s Kids Club reached over 150k people through its films, with over 56k unique users viewing the content online. During the months when films were released, Facebook engagement increased by at least 75%. The database saw an additional 798 subscribers, helping the centre keep in touch with its audience through newsletters through the pandemic and beyond.