During lockdown, kids missed seeing other kids, we wanted to provide this opportunity, give parents a break, motivate kids and support their emotional wellbeing. From week 2 of lockdown The Liberty engaged with kids/families/Grandparents. (Who commented they loved it, as missing their Grandchildren).  We introduced a sub brand ‘Kids Corner’ with a child presenting/storytelling, Tiana age 6. Delivering kids video content on The Liberty Facebook page. Storytelling Mondays/Fridays, Creative fun on Wednesdays including baking, craft, fitness. Presenting informative, life lesson, wellbeing, fun stories. Current affairs evolved from Coronavirus to Black Lives Matters, we adapted, incorporated stories covering diversity/inclusivity. 

Objective/Goals during lockdown:- 

  • Engage with community/shoppers 
  • Maintain customer relationships 
  • Stay front of mind 
  • Maintain loyalty 
  • Build positive brand perception  


  • Tiana’s Tales videos were recorded on Iphone by Marketing Manager and daughter/presenter, therefore no cost. Agencies charges for adult presenters:- 
  • £240 for Art & Craft Videos 
  • £275 for Storytelling Videos 
  • Kid’s Corner ran from week 2 of lockdown until school resumed in September, equating to a saving of £790 weekly, Total: £18,170. Due to requests, it continued as x1 weekly storytelling. 2 years on, it’s used during kid’s holiday periods and significant events. 


  • PR Value: £50,256, AVE: £150,768 
  • See Appendix for details: National TV, National, local press, social media coverage 


Title    PR Value   Readership 
TimeFM Radio  £75.00  30,000  £105.00  27,174 
Romford Recorder  £3,792.00  55,356 
Rochelle Humes Instagram story  £11,274.00  1,900,000 
The Voice Newspaper   £5,400.00  100,000 
Havering Newsletter  £1,425.00  337,500 
ITV Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best  £16,911.00  3,382,167 
Rochelle Humes Instagram story  £11,274.00  2,000,000 
  £50,256.00  7,832,197 


Facebook Organic Results 

  • The Liberty average: 40-250 views 
  • First Tiana’s Tales Story: Norman the slug received 1,300 views, 22 comments, 18 shares, 38 likes 
  • Cooking, Rainbow Toastie: 599 views, 22 comments, 26 likes 
  • Waterstones: Celebrity book launch 659 views, 9 likes, 7 shares


“This is great. inspired my kids to go and dig out some of their old books and reread them.❤️❤️”
“I love it. Such beautiful reading📖. Brightened up our morning listening 👂 to you”

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