Chris has worked at Manchester Arndale since 2016, starting as a Security Officer before progressing to Security Supervisor in 2019.

Chris is a proactive member of the Security team who designs and produces new and innovative processes for colleagues. In the last year, he developed the Probation Pack process for new starters, introducing monthly exams to ensure all new officers are taking on board information and training.  He has a strong desire to up-skill, most recently joining advanced courses for Emergency First Aid and Mental Health Awareness training. Currently employed by Manchester Arndale’s soft services provider OCS, Chris has won multiple OCS ‘Star Awards’ over the last three years for going above and beyond in his role.

Chris worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including working closely with the Security senior management team on how best to deliver first aid to the public given the new risk of COVID to Security colleagues. Chris identified the key points of contact with the public and advised where the Security team could reduce contamination if Covid symptoms were identified, thus protecting both the public and the Officers involved. Whatever Chris is dealing with, whether it is directing customers or dealing with a first aid incident, he always provides service beyond expectation. Working in a city centre destination with an annual footfall of over 40million, Chris is faced with challenging situations daily but remains calm and excels during high-pressure situations. He has been directly involved in incidents of cardiac arrest and use of defibrillators, supporting mental health issues for vulnerable adults and children, and serious first aid incidents. During his time working in the city centre, he has also taken the initiative to coordinate important information for Greater Manchester Police during serious incidents, which has led to a number of arrests.