Westgrove Security Team

This nomination is for the Westgrove Group Security Team at Templars Square Shopping Centre, particularly the two supervisors Martin Wain and Majid Khan who during the height of coronavirus lockdowns, whilst it was near impossible to get home delivery slots took it upon themselves to collect and deliver essential shopping supplies to some of our more vulnerable patrons as well as people in the local community.

Shortly after the commencement of the first lockdown, the site was contacted by many of our regular elderly and vulnerable patrons, many of which were people that were unable to leave their homes due to shielding as well as some who were simply afraid to leave their homes. They called to ask if the team could help them with booking delivery slots with our supermarkets as they were having to in some cases wait over two weeks for an available delivery slot. As you would expect the team were unable to change this, they did however decide between them that they would help and they took it upon themselves to collect shopping on their behalf and deliver the food to these people’s homes. This was a fantastically selfless act which really made a difference in our local community.

Their actions ensured that many of the elderly and vulnerable people around the centre and the local community had essential supplies during a difficult time. 


The quote “difficult times bring out the best in people” is never truer than when describing these two, they haven’t done this for reward and recognition the majority of these actions were done once their shifts finished or on their breaks it was in actuality a couple of weeks before we discovered they were helping these people in such a manor but what I find most inspiring is when you discuss this with them, they don’t believe this to be above or beyond they just say “it’s nothing special, anyone would do it

Darren Bowler – Operations Manager